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There is another tactic called the Sybill attack in which people create multiple fake accounts to post and trick potential investors into purchasing a cryptocurrency because of the staged ‘fanfare’ around it. For instance, in 2016, Dr. Ruja Ignatova promoted OneCoin as the next big cryptocurrency and a “better Bitcoin,” but the blockchain behind OneCoin never even existed. You should educate yourself on fundamental and technical analysis methods before making any investments in any cryptocurrency. Studying charts, looking for candle patterns, testing new trading methods, and checking indicators are all things you must do to be successful with technical analysis. Yet trading is both really complicated and often doing technical analysis is not reliable.

dyor meaning

CoinMarketCapThe leading portal for market intelligence and research on cryptocurrencies is CoinMarketCap. Almost all currencies and tokens now in use are covered by its broad market data. You can learn a lot by conducting a study using CoinMarketCap. When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, unfortunately, there are no strict sets of rules to follow. Doing Your Own Research is the most effective strategy for every crypto investor. You must take your time and make an effort to study everything there is to know about your investment if you want to be a competent investor.


The cursory DYOR signoff below their promotion merely serves as a disclaimer that alleviates any responsibility from the shiller. And on the face of it, promoters and shills encouraging their followers to do their own research is a step in the right direction . Unfortunately, the ways in which some of these promoters use DYOR is less than legitimate. A cryptocurrency created by the pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto.

An initialism of “do your own research,” meaning you should search for credible information before you believe something you read or see online. A brief recovery in the price of a declining asset that is shortly followed by a continuation of the downtr… Investing fixed dollar amounts over regular periods of time regardless of the price of the asset. Wallets and exchanges that support the project’s token. While sources such as CoinMarketCap or DeFi Pulse can help you with historical insight, CoinMarketCal is a great future-oriented research tool.

dyor meaning

For some people, it is enough reason to trust CoinGecko data more than they trust CoinMarketCap’s figures. Naturally, it is largely a matter of personal opinion, and CoinMarketCap has rarely been inaccurate in the provision of market data. In simpler terms, you can be scammed, lose your savings, and get minimum to no returns on your investments if you end up investing without DYOR. Shilling and the Sybill attacks can be quite convincing.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Prediction: When $1?

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list that you can work through to better understand any project, coin, or token you’re thinking about investing in. Just to be clear, this list is by no means comprehensive, but it’s a useful safety net that should save you from investing in any dubious projects. People use DYOR to encourage other investors not to blindly trust any piece of advice, research or claim, regardless of its origin. They hope that by encouraging everyone to research and understand the projects in which they invest, the crypto space will collectively become more informed.

Even the most reliable websites may not always have the most recent information due to the decentralized nature of the crypto world. Because of this, CoinGecko is a great tool for comparing the precision of key indicators listed on CoinMarketCap. The website offers podcasts, a newsletter, and industry commentary in addition to being a reliable source of crypto intelligence. Coin GeckoAnother website that analyzes the crypto industry is Like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko offers information on the market capitalizations, prices, and trading activity of a wide range of different coins and tokens. You must first go to a cryptocurrency exchange in order to trade in cryptocurrencies. is another market research source for crypto projects. Similar to CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko provides information on market caps, prices, and trading volumes of a very large number of coins and tokens. Reddit’s primary value in your research is the ability to ask the opinions of people who have been directly involved in crypto projects or have had experience purchasing coins.

DYOR Tool 1:

So, what exactly does “do your own research” actually mean? Which resources do we consider to be the most effective? It is a great source of news and discussions about anything related to crypto. For DYOR purposes, r/Cryptocurrency is a vital tool to get first-hand insights into various blockchain projects. Many projects, even small ones, are being actively discussed on the website. CoinGecko cannot compete with CoinMarketCap in terms of the sheer volume and variety of market intelligence provided.

You can view historical data for all metrics and projects in daily, weekly, or monthly timescales. Analyze and benchmark project performance using numerous financial and non-financial filters and data points. DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.

It encourages them to research and understand a cryptocurrency before investing so that they can answer precisely why they are buying that currency and supporting that project. Opening a topic on even some of the most obscure tokens can yield a lot of responses and opinions based on first-hand experience. Naturally, you should take into account that all and any information sourced from Reddit is based strictly on subjective personal opinions.

What is the meaning of DYOR?

The level of financial returns promised by any given crypto project is most likely inversely proportional to its chances of success. While one may get lucky once or twice, trying to find profitable projects to invest in by listening solely to influencers is remarkably difficult, if not impossible. The problem here is that these posts don’t encourage you to think for yourself , but rather blindly follow along with whatever the influencer suggests you should do.

  • Unlike websites that give you statistics on market caps, prices, and other metrics, Reddit offers a unique way to directly converse with users about blockchain projects.
  • Given the vast number of tokens and coins in existence, tracking their future important events and developments is not an easy task.
  • The number one step is to know and determine your objectives.
  • You can learn a lot by conducting a study using CoinMarketCap.

Even though DYOR has existed and been used around the internet in a non-crypto context for a long time, in the crypto space it became highly popular during the ICOs of different cryptocurrencies between 2016 to 2018. The key thing you’re looking for in a whitepaper is proof that the project solves a problem that really exists, and that another better-established platform isn’t going to solve that problem first. If you wanted to look up exactly how much money the popular crypto shills charge for a post, crypto sleuth @zachxbt has helpfully put together a database showing just that. DYOR is indeed extremely important in crypto, especially for investors who aren’t yet familiar with decentralized technologies, like blockchain. A marketing strategy used to spread fear and insecurity among customers, traders, or investors. CoinMarketCap is owned by a leading crypto exchange, while CoinGecko has no such affiliation.

Where Did DYOR Come From?

However, some of this information may not be clearly covered in the paper but still be available elsewhere on the website, or even on social media pages owned by the project. Here are three quotes coming from different thinkers, founders and crypto investors to motivate you to DYOR. Investors may bluff but if there is something fishy in the market, especially about a certain crypto asset, know that it is a red flag. This you can understand only by gauging the overall market sentiment. As far as crypto investments are concerned, the following steps can come in handy when you DYOR. During this time many investors entering the market were scammed.

Your objectives could be something like by doing this course, you want to be one step closer to getting into Web 3 development space. This will also help you gauge whether you want to go for something advanced, basic, or medium-level. As a result, your end goal will become more specific. As the crypto market is expanding, more and more dark horses are emerging and they are really good at what they do. In a race where everyone is a bull, invests like a degen, and is able to get hefty returns on their investments, only DYOR and a pinch of luck can save you.

DYOR Tool 9: Projects’ Websites and Social Media Pages is a leading financial sector online resource. It acts as a repository of knowledge, definitions, and news for all varieties of finance — traditional stocks, derivatives, forex, and cryptocurrencies. DeFi Pulse is a crypto research and news website which specifically tracks TVL stats for the largest DeFi projects. While the website is a good source for general information about crypto and blockchain, its killer feature is the up-to-date TVL stats. It’s a word of caution especially if you’re thinking of investing in a certain coin or project.

This is especially useful trait for a new stock market or crypto investor. Usually, courses have full-length syllabi uploaded in their course description. If you are a newbie, we would recommend enrolling in free courses to get surface-level knowledge of things before you jump into paid courses. Metaschool provides a bunch of acclaimed, free and highly-reviewed courses that you can enroll in today to up your knowledge game.


Shilling is a common practice in cryptocurrency where people tend to advertise the coins that they own in hopes of positively affecting the price. Quite often, it can be difficult to distinguish the difference between a shill or an unbiased post. When purchasing any dyor meaning crypto cryptocurrency, it is advised to make the decision on your own before investing, and not just because someone else has said it is worth it. This resource is great for accessing customized analysis carried out by the platform’s users into various crypto assets.

Once there, you will see that investors have access to spot trading, leveraged trading, and investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies, which often have substantial price volatility. As straightforward as that may appear, investors regularly become overwhelmed by outside news and suggestions. You can feel confident in your investment strategy thanks to the DYOR technique’s ease of use and effectiveness.

And even if they are well-intended everyone makes mistakes. TradingView is a social media platform for investors and aspiring investors to share their knowledge, opinions, and analysis on topics related to traditional finance as well as crypto investing. One of the key features of the platform is the great charts that community members contribute to the website. The acronym DYOR is well-known in crypto and blockchain circles. It refers to carrying out your due diligence and gathering the right kind of market intelligence to make successful investment decisions. In this article, we will cover some key DYOR tools and how you can use each of these tools for effective crypto research.

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