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Type of Tanks

Type of Tanks

1. Zincalume Bolted tanks with Reinforced PVC Liner Inside . 
2. GLS Tanks (Glass Fused Tanks or Glass Lined Tanks)
3. PVC Panel Tanks.

1. Zincalume Bolted tanks

These tanks are fabricated using the highest grade of “Zincalume Steel” as MOC; which lasts up to four times longer than galvanized steel. We utilize our experience, industry knowledge, and continuous up-gradation of the latest software technologies to provide our clients with supreme designs, execution capability, and techniques.

This Zincalume steel is manufactured by a continuous hot-dipped metallic coating process. The alloy coating of Zincalume steel provides excellent corrosion resistance to metal sheets. Further, after rigorous tests, it has been found that it possesses greater resistance to crack and peel. Zincalume® steel by Rostfrei steels possesses the alloy coating of 55% Aluminium43.5% Zinc, and 1.5% Silicon. The 150g/m2 (also optional 200g/m2) coating weight is distributed equally on both surfaces of the coated sheet. The metallic surface is also coated with separate layers of special passivation solution and resin.

    • Fire Water

    • Raw Water

    • Drinking Water

    • Domestic Water and many more.

GLS Tanks

Glass Fused Steel tank (GFS tanks) also known as Glass Lined Steel tanks (GLS tanks) that are built by using the GFS panels. These GFS panels are stainless steel sheets that go through a process, where a layer of glass/silicate is fused on them. The key reason for fusing glass with steel is to enhance the overall durability of the panel. Single layered Steel is vulnerable to environmental conditions, causing earlier decomposition/corrosion of the material; hence the fusion of glass prevents that. After fusing the steel with glass, the strength increases, the acceptable bracket of PH value for alkaline solutions widens, and the resistance of abrasion inflates.